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Derek has been in the tattoo industry for going on 14 years and with his unstoppable will and drive, he wishes to continue to grow and get better every day. Art has always been his first passion and tattooing was the career he always wanted to pursue. Starting what he thought was late at the age of 26 Derek found that Tattooing wasn't as luxurious as he thought, but ov er the years he started to grow and get better and started to humble himself. As each day passed, he realized that only through hard work and endless effort would he find what he was looking for. It wasn't the money or fame; it was doing something he loved and was passionate about, changing people's lives and making an honest living doing it.  Being able to pass that knowledge and hard work onto his children has become the one thing that drives him the most. As the years passed Derek Started to network with more artists and started working at Tattoo conventions where he started to find his place started winning multiple awards and gained recognition for his outstanding color and black and grey work.  Derek specializes in creative surreal tattoos both color and black and grey, his relentlessness won't stop until he has created a custom one-of-a-kind tattoo suitable for each specific client.  Derek is always excited to take on new challenges and to give his clients the best tattoo that he can. Derek is currently located in Las Vegas NV at Inner Visions Tatoo and is always taking on new clients to bring their dreams to reality.
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